Please check out Vagamundo! This brand is absolutely one of my favorites! 

Vagamundo combines a bohemian spirit with a touch of urban edge. Co-founders, Sebastian and Brandy, have merged their mutual wanderlust with their passion for all things visual to create a truly unique fashion experience.  They travel extensively in search of luxurious fabrics, vintage textiles, and beautifully crafted materials to deliver an eco-chic line of apparel and accessories that are sustainable and stylish.

Vagamundo’s sustainable silk collection is made entirely of repurposed saris. They personally hand-select each sari to ensure quality and choose colors and patterns that fit their modern-hobo designs, creating unique one of a kind pieces.  Diverting these textiles from ending up in landfills, and avoiding the use of valuable resources to create new materials reduces the environmental impact of each garment and allows them to offer ethical and luxurious fabrics at affordable prices.